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Standing Rules
Annual Dues are payable at the May meeting. 
Feel free to contact us at with any questions.  
Each member is expected to support the club in one or more of the following way:
1. Serve as a hostess/host for a monthly meeting
2. Contribute to the Annual Plant Sale by helping plan, or otherwise volunteer, by providing plants or garden items to sell, or by donating money to buy plants to sell. 
3. Participate on a Committee
4. Serve as an officer of the Executive Board. 
5. Attend regular meetings and field trips. 
6. Encourage new members. 
Bring and Brag 
We invite you to bring items from your garden: blossoms, bouquets, plant specimens, seed pods, pests, problems or any Horticulture related questions. Share with other members "how your garden grows" and give us all a chance to delight in and learn from others gardening experiences. 

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