Our Projects:


Annual Plant Sale Fundraiser 


Our primary fundraiser is held in May on the Saturday before Mother's Day at the East County Senior Center. All Members Participate. The proceeds go towards the scholarship and towards helping beautify downtown Monroe. 


Horticulture Scholarship


We award multiple $1,000 scholarships for a high school graduate from the Monroe area who is pursuing the study of horticulture. 


City of Monroe Beautification


We donate money to the City of Monroe to purchase flowers for the downtown Main Street planters and hanging baskets. Members also join the Downtown Monroe Association during spring planting and as needed. 


Participation in the Horticulture Shows at the Evergreen Fair 


Members act as hostesses/hosts for the Horticulture Department each day during the fair. Members are encouraged to enter their own horticulture creations. 


Support Sky Valley Food Bank


We share our time and gardening expertise in the Julia V. Morris Community & Food Bank Garden to grow fresh vegetables for the Sky Valley Food Bank. We also collect voluntary donations of food and money all year round.



Programs 2019- 2020


Meeting Location:

Monroe United Methodist Church

342 S. Lewis Street

Monroe, WA  98272

All meetings are 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm and include a light lunch. Donations of food or cash for the Sky Valley Food bank are welcome. The public is welcome to join us for the following events: 


September 9 - Mary Fosse will join us from Carnivorous Terrariums in Everett, Washington. She will give a presentation on terrarium suitable carnivorous plants such as Sundews, Pitcher Plants, Pinguiculas, Bladderworts, and of course, the infamous Venus Fly Trap.  

October 14 - Monica Van der Vieren: “Gardening for Wildlife in a (Mostly) Native Landscape.”  After a career in the biotechnology sector, Monica switched gears and has combined her technical background, experience working with the public and wildlife passion to teach interpretive approaches to engage diverse audiences. Monica doesn’t consider herself a gardener, but more of a wildlife native plant steward. 

November 11- Terry Myer is the Director of Down to Earth Community Gardens and the local Lawns to Lettuce/Sustainable Gardening Programs. She will be visiting us to talk about the Down to Earth programs and how you might want to incorporate some of the techniques in your own yard or get involved as a volunteer.


January 13- Martha Dankers; “Seeing Foliage with Fresh Eyes.”  As a Master Gardener, I appreciate the important role plant foliage plays in plant health. This talk will help you understand why paying attention to foliage, an often overlooked part of the plant, can help us become better gardeners. "Many gardeners love flowers, but for me, I love foliage!  Also, I’ll share the process I use to create my art.”


February 10 - “What’s All This Buzz About Bees?” A Program on How Honeybees Help Us and How We Can Help the Honeybees. The program will be presented by a member of the Northwest District Beekeepers Association.

March 9 - Garden Themed Crafting Day: Brick and Stone Decorating. Paula Rogers-Pugh is going to show us all how to create cute and creative garden decorations using bricks and stones. If you have crafting supplies that you think might be helpful for this project, feel free to bring them to the meeting. 


April 13Warren Hartz: “Edible Landscaping - Growing Fruits, Berries, Herbs and Vegetables.”  Warren has 35 years of experience testing and growing edible plants in Index.  He will offer practical information about edibles that grow best in Western Washington, how to grow them, tips on plant varieties, soil improvement, when to plant, organic fertilizers, trellises, animal pests, watering, harvesting and preserving.  Lots to cover, so bring your notepads!  Question and answer session will follow as time allows.  Check out his YouTube channel at


May 9- Plant Sale.  Our primary fundraiser is annually on Saturday before Mother's Day at the East County Senior Center.  All members participate growing, preparing or at the sale.  The proceeds go towards beautifying downtown Monroe, AND two $1,000 scholarships for a high school graduate from the Monroe area who is pursuing the study of horticulture.   

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